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    What are Jewels??


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    What are Jewels?? Empty What are Jewels??

    Post by Admin-Moderator on Sat Apr 20, 2013 1:13 pm

    you can earn Jewels
    with all your posts

    climb up your rank as an mage!

    Start - Mage
    2.000 J - S-Rang applicant
    4.000 J - S-Rang Mage
    8.000 J - Raised Mage
    12.000 J - Master Mage

    The reward is easy:

    create an quest +3 Jewels
    start a quest +10 Jewels
    each post in the qust +5 Jewels
    start a post in our guild +3 Jewels and each post +1 Jewel
    in role play sub and off topic y can earn each +1 Jewel
    an moderator starts an event, your posts gives +5 Jewels
    Help to explode +1 Jewel

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